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Category : Video

#1 tip to give you more #self-confidence #8fm #perigirls #hearttribe

Do you follow this one tip to help give you more self-confidence? Share in the comments below.

Exploring your sense of self #8fm #hearttribe

See more tips from Alecia Stringer HERE.   

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2 Reasons of #Failure and 5 Ways to Change #Beliefs #8fm

When you find and are aware of your failure is when you focus on find ways to change. Share what you learn from this video training: Find out more of Alecia Stringer's inside training HERE.   

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What are the strongest parts of yourself?

  What are your powers? Comment below!

See how we win HERE.


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What Are The Important Pieces To Ranking A Video YouTube

start here green Subscribe to more Awesome Online Tricks! Here is the question on quora: https://www.quora.com/alecia-stringer  What Are The Important Pieces To Ranking A Video YouTube? Here is the question on quora: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-important-pieces-to-ranking-a-video-YouTube?share=1 Here are the tips that are recommended for ranking a YouTube video. Do proper keyword research Save your video file with the exact word or phrase you are targeting Use the keyword or phrase in the title Use the keyword or phrase as the first sentence Post your link directly behind the first sentence Use your keyword or phrase throughout your description (should be 250 words or more) Use your keyword or phrase in the final sentence of your description Place the YouTube "view" link at the bottom of the description This video shows how these elements should look on your video description. Don't forget those awesome hashtags! #rankvideos #rankyoutube #rankavideo #rankyoutubevideo Awesome Team Post of Brett: http://www.2asuccessdreamblog.com/rankyoutubevideos Connect with Alecia Stringer to seek and visualize success dreams. Subscribe for more amazing insider tips and strategies in online marketing and lead generation!

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How To Be More Powerful In Business

click here green How To Be More Powerful In Business, The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video. Connect with Alecia Stringer to seek and visualize success dreams. Subscribe for more amazing insider tips and strategies in online marketing and lead generation!

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Effectively Boosting Your Ranking with YouTube

Effectively Boosting Your Ranking with YouTube

With today's technology, YouTube is the best way to share your videos online. The giant video sharing site has gone from nothing to the biggest thing on the web in the past few years. As they realize the value of video content, many internet marketers are taking advantage of the website to help drive traffic to their sites and increase their exposure. However, many have troubles achieving a high ranking with YouTube for their targeted keywords. How do you go about increasing the rank of your videos on YouTube?

What makes the difference in ranking with YouTube?

The number of backlinks for your videos is the first factor to consider when trying to increase the rank of your videos targeted keywords. So work to generate targeted backlinks to your video from sites related to the topic of your video. This doesn't mean you go out there and start spamming, but it's more about making your video important and significant in the niche you're targeting. While you still need to optimize your videos with keywords, having incoming links gives you a better chance of beating your competition.

Do comments make a difference?

Be sure to comment on other popular videos in your niche and to utilize the video response feature on Facebook. This is a great way to get your video noticed which increases the chance of your video getting ranked well. YouTube has lots of videos that regularly get lots of views. Be sure your video comments make sense and are relevant to the topic. When stating your point, be clear and offer support for it, or give helpful, constructive criticism. When you make comments that get liked by others, it's your opportunity to present yourself as an expert in your niche. Lastly, a simple but effective way to get more exposure for your videos, and improve their ranking as well, is to embed them on your own site. Social networks like Facebook and Twitter are also good place to share your videos for even greater exposure. These steps will result in more views for your videos, which in turn will cause YouTube to see them as having value. Embedding your videos and sharing them will help you get more views and higher rankings. As this article shows, YouTube is a great way to distribute your videos so they get seen by hundreds of interested people. Applying the above tips, you'll see getting your Youtube video ranking isn't that big a deal. Be sure to keep these simple things in mind and don't skip any steps and you're set. But in case you genuinely need to get your get Youtube video ranking high and dominating the search engines, you've to promote your video exactly the same as you'd any other web page or blog post - you need to syndicate get a significant number of other web internet sites, post directories and social media sites to link back for your video url. Believe backlinks, backlinks and also far more backlinks to your video page. Many people men and women focus on developing a terrific video, escalating channel subscribers and encouraging social participation and comments on the video hoping their function is going to be shared. It's an excellent plan and we've talked about that. However the if you merely promote your video pages by finding backlinks, your get Youtube video ranking on the search engines will boost significantly. And this is when you begin enjoying the rewards of massive video site visitors.

What's the action plan to ranking with YouTube?

One fast way to get backlinks is to use pingler.com.  There are many other tools and services that you can pay for that will get you the maximum benefit for backlinking your YouTube video. The training I recommend you follow to learn all the tools you need to build backlinks and build your business.  Not only can you use the information you learn for your videos, but also for your blog and any other site you want to create on the internet.  The step by step videos will show you everything you need to know to set up your tools.  The pdf guides are also handy resources to refer to.

Take action in taking your business to the next level and begin ranking with YouTube.


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7 Tips to YouTube PPC – A Must Checklist for your Video Marketing

When creating videos and submitting them to youtube ppc, I'm always thinking of new ways that could be scaled out in a pay per click campaign for maximum exposure.  So to help other marketers that are also using the same strategies, I came up with a quick checklist to make sure you are accomplishing in your videos.

1. Develop a goal.

Every video has a goal, a strategy that would like to come across.

2. People are waiting to see you be authentic.

Show people who you really are.  Don't dress up and try to be someone else.  It's not a show, just let other people see your true self and people will see that they can trust you.

3. Talk about problems in your videos.

People share stories, relate to others, build repoire, and show struggles.

4. Keep it simple.

Like the 3 aspects of higher rankings: 1. views 2. likes/votes 3. comments  Show simple steps that people can follow.  Do not just ramble and people will move on to the next related video.

5. Have pattern interrupts in your video.

Quick cuts or change clips every 3 to 7 seconds will keep people's attention a lot longer.  We are used to this change up when watching t.v. So why change it?

6.  When putting a video in a pay per click campaign, the goal is to keep the video under two minutes.

This is easy for me, because I like to keep things short and to the point, and many others like it this way as well.

7.  Customize and brand the intro or/and ending of your video.

Develop a call to action to each video... One that even creates a brand in the corner of your video as well can make an impact on those learning about your business. Make sure you go through these simple 7 steps to see how it can make an impact on your video marketing using youtube ppc.

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