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ACN Review

This ACN Review will educate the readers on the company, products, how people get paid as becoming a representative, and how a representative can become successful.  Let's take a general look at this mult-level marketing company so one can analyze if this opportunity is one they would like to invest in.

ACN, Inc.

ACN (All or American Communications Network, Inc.) was founded in 1992 in Farmington Hills, Michigan and began in 1993 to compete with Exel in long distance.  Now ACN has grown to 20 different countries.

ACN, Inc. products and Services

ACN offers cell phones with the Major Carriers, home security with the popular ADT service, Satellite with Dish and Direct T.V. major carriers and also internet services.  ACN products include cutting-edge services such as Digital Phone Service Plus High Speed Internet with Video Phone called Iris V.

ACN Compensation

ACN bases their compensation on how many customer points a representative can get.  Most customers average getting three to four points from one person.  They pay out commissions in three different ways: personal residual income, overriding residual income, and bonuses. The personal residual comes from customers that you acquire yourself whether they are family, friends, or even strangers. They claim that you can receive up to 10% of the total billing of your customer base, but to reach that tier your total billing has to be upwards of $10,000. So basically, personal residual income equals pennies on the dollar and is ALWAYS insignificant to the new representative. Residual income is much more substantial than personal residual income. It comes from the customer base of individuals who have joined ACN and are on your team. When you refer friends or family to ACN and they join, a percentage of the customer billing they create is considered your “overriding residual income.” However, the amount of money that you receive is dependent on a number of factors. This source of income is for long term. If you want fast money with ACN you must look at the third way. Finally, the most important source of income for ACN representatives in short term: team customer acquisition bonuses, otherwise known as TCAB’s. These are bonuses that are received when your organization grows. The amounts of these bonuses vary heavily since it is dependent on a number of factors. Put simply, when you or someone on your team signs up a new representative it counts towards your bonus for that given month. Depending on how many new sign ups occurred in a  month for your organization, a certain bonus is paid. You basically get paid when you recruit new individuals into your business and when you acquire customers. With the ACN compensation plan it is possible to earn unlimited revenue which is not the case with all network marketing business.

How a ACN Representative Can Be Successful

Successful ACN Representatives use the attraction marketing strategy.  Learn from this ACN Review on how you can not build short term success with this strategy.  You must learn how to brand yourself and build your own business and team.  The company is irrelevant  of the value you can provide.  Position yourself where people can see you as a leader and you can show others that you can build a business.  Build a reputable and solid business with a team of leaders. Leverage the power of the internet to secure your unlimited and multiple income streams by joining leaders like Alecia Stringer that can show you exactly what it takes.

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