My Story: All About Alecia Hi, my name is Alecia Stringer and I am the creator and owner of, and It is my life’s mission to serve the Lord and inspire others through music, business, and relationships.  My purpose is to educate and empower others to achieve their greatest potential in life.

I want to welcome you to my success dream journey!

This page is to show you my journey and story and reason I came online to share it. My whole mission to inspire others to have patience and persistence in what ever they seek in life. Remember you can create the life you want to live.

Rock Star Girl!

I always grew up singing and was inspired to play piano when I watched the piano players playing in the mall when we walked by the piano store in the mall. It was when I was eight years old that my dad bought me my first upright piano I still play on today. Amazing how I kept it up with patience and persistence that he gave me a baby grand piano when I was fifteen. I enjoy playing and performing on it as well when I have piano students.

New Online Marketing Skills!

That is what really truly brought me to learn a new skill online. I moved into a smaller location with my husband, and couldn’t get enough piano students. Plus we moved and we had more expenses too that I needed to find a way to make more income. Having a baby of 6 months in this new location made it difficult to have more options available. Yet, I was determined to figure out how to make an income online. No matter what the frustrations I had with the computer, I knew this was a resource and way I could make it work. I learned a lot from learning the difference between working for someone and owning a business to generate my own income as well. Seeing the top income hears and leaders create their own income by owning a business, I was determined to soak in any information I could about their strategies. See more of my online educational history HERE.

Kindermusik Fun!

It was at the same time I was inspired to do Kindermusik for my daughter and got all the education to teach her. Became certified and got the training to be able to sell the curriculum to the schools as well. It’s so inspiring to see all the things they learn through music! I will share more of my piano playing and inspirations of Kindermusik on my site and You see living and barely able to pay the bills, having no extra money for even gifts to anyone. No vacations, even visiting family was a challenge! Much less have any income to get new clothes. You are always balancing that grocery bill to cover those things you really can’t afford. I was simply tired of it! It drove more stress in our lives that I began to be aware more of the abuse happening in my life. You can read more about it HERE. So it is always been my first life’s mission to serve the Lord. I then inspire others through music, and helping those get out of a place that I was in too. Build your business, networking relationships daily to achieve success dreams. This helps my focus in inspiring others to join my purpose to educate and empower others to create their success dreams to achieve their greatest potential in life. With this mission, I am always seeing others that: 1. Never Give Up. Those that strive with persistence and patience. These people have goals that are realistic, meaningful and a true why that makes you cry to get you through the tasks and hardships you have at hand. These desires persists one to bring out the heart of a champion inside to create true success dreams. 2. I love to meet and network with others that have a true passion, driven, ambitious and of course is friendly and funny! I know your highly motivated and need the right opportunity to keep you focused. Those with a true heart of a champion has the mindset to take massive action. No matter what. If you meet these qualifications, I can assume you already have some level of success and always seeking to improve the level you are currently at. Paying it forward is a mission of yours too! Let’s work together to develop a personal and comprehensive plan that meets your needs and give you concrete steps to develop your own incredibly successful business. Thank you for listening to my story, and I look forward in getting to know you better. Complete the form HERE so we can apply our knowledge to climb to the top of success dreams. I see your success dreams, Alecia Stringer See testimonials of Alecia here. Find more about me on: