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7 Tips on How The Online Business Entrepreneur Keeps A YouTube Channel Live

Perfect way to brand an online business opportunity is to have a youtube channel.  Also a free way to generate prospects.  Making the most value for your money is key when building your internet business. When you are brand new, or have been using YouTube for a while be sure to keep these home based business tips in mind: 1. Only have 1 YouTube account on your ISP (More than one is asking for trouble!) 2. Never EVER spam your video description, titile or tags with keywords 3. Never EVER purchase YouTube views 4. Never EVER use software to add friends, comments, ratings automatically Ex. Tubeblaster Pro 5. Never EVER upload duplicate content 6. Use your channel for more than just marketing... Provide REAL value and don't make your channel look like a sales pitch 7. Think long-term with YouTube... your going to be using YouTube strictly for branding purposes. So get some free tips for starting a business and training on how you can brand you in customized websites showing yourself as an online business entrepreneur and profiting from those that don't even join your business opportunity.  So go now and put your name and email on this page and you will see videos that will take you through each training step.

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