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7 Keywords of Persuasion for Online Business Systems

Online business entrepreneurIn gaining tips for starting a new business, one needs to learn how to use certain words to help with persuasion techniques.  It always helps conversions with getting things to work for your online business systems.  Remember to keep the following words in your conversations to help you in your leadership role as an entrepreneur: 1. Because 2. Now 3. Imagine 4. Please 5. Thank You 6. Control words 7. Use their name correctly: Always say their name at either beginning or end of the conversation and not during the middle of the conversation.  If you say their name more often it comes off like you are selling them.  People are more turned off when you come off that way. Keep these words in mind as you talk to people and you will be amazed on how easier it becomes to persuade people to see your online business systems.

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Cat Alexandra
Cat Alexandra

Dear Alecia, I think that in the modern world of shorthand, people take for granted some of these niceties which really do go a long way. Thanks for the great reminder of these impactful words! :) Cat


You can use these informative tips at any time. Even if you are not at that retirement age.


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