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5Linx Review – Customer or Rep?

Looking more into a 5Linx review, you need to understand and be familiar with the company, products, and what it takes to be successful partnering with this company as being just a customer or a representative.

The Company

5Linx is a telecommunications company that provides services in the United States and 20 countries.  Founded in 2001 by Jeb Tyler, Craig Jerabeck and Jason Guck, which all brings years of business and marketing experience.  5Linx has also been documented in the Inc. 500 for the last four years and continue to have good growth.

The Products

The most needed product today are the cell phones.  A popular service from offering digital home service with unlimited local and long distance.  An unique product owned by Globalinx, called the CU-3000 Videophone.  This phone allows callers to see each other while they talk on the phone.  Not only do 5Linx offer mobile phones, but broadband internet, VoIPs, home security and satellite TV.  They have links with major brands like AT&T, Alltel, Nextel, Sprint and T-Mobile.

5Linx Compensation

There are two starting levels, customer representative and Independent Marketing Representative.  As a customer representative starting their enrollment with $99, you only get paid on the sales you make and not collect any residual income.  To fully maximize any network marketing company, you must generate a way to make residual income and can only do that as an Independent Marketing Representative enrolling at $499.  Once you are enrolled, you need to become qualified with a minimum of four personal customer points.  To receive one customer point for 5Linx service that you offer.  Three of which can be used in your own home, and at least one needs to be outside your home.

More advance positions acquire 10 personal and sponsor 3 qualified independent marketing representatives.  Additional $500 bonus is given if you get 20 customers in the first 30 days.  The most you need to qualify is 25, so go ahead and reach for that goal.  Advancing to the position of Executive Trainer in the first 30 days will also allow you to receive a $500 bonus.  These bonuses enable new 5Linx representatives earn their initial investment back quickly.

To successfully reach the top positions including all the bonuses, you must brand yourself and know the right marketing techniques that allow yourself to stand out as a leader.  Not only are their are several representatives to join under, but also competitive telecommunication products that are offering similar products and services.

Partner with the leaders that will show you success in any network marketing business that will show you offline and online secrets through social media and content marketing, plus much more.  Learn the marketing methods and master them.

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showleh tolbert
showleh tolbert

Didn't know about them. Thanks for sharing the information.


You got it, I may use them for my identity theft protection soon!


Great 5linx review Alecia


Interesting information - thanks for the review!


alecia, thanks for your honest review on 5linx.  I am grateful to have someone like you speak the truth! =D


This is a Awesome Review and I will make sure that everyone sees this information. Make sure that you keep up with the Good Work.


That is weird wonder why the smiley turned into numbers


  1. 5Linx Compensation Plan: Simple Profit? says:

    The 5 Linx Compensation shows the simple 1,2,3 set up for one to see how it is put together.