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2 Types of Giving

Ronald's morning sermon notes from 3-24-13

Two Types of Giving

Why do you think of when you hear of giving? Money, monetary? Giving is a part of our everyday lives. We do it because we want to do it. There are different kinds of giving. We are to give to the Lord's church and treasury. We are to give our lives everyday. Monetary and ourselves. Our attitudes has a lot to do with how we give. We do find it is important to give.

Monetary Giving

I Corinthians 16:1-2 Giving to the Lord's treasury "Let each one of you." For example, the classrooms need new books. The treasurer is for materials and the building's electricity, water, etc. All of the necessary things. Give as prospered. (see Deut. 26:12-13) Some people are able to give more than others. The personal side of giving. Tithe is a tenth of their processions. It's ready when needed. So that the church can continue to work. If you do not believe the money is not being used in the right way. Then talk to the elders. It should not excuse anyone from giving to the Lord. 2 John 9 Follow Christ's teaching. I Corinthians 16 Let each one of you lay something aside. Abide by the doctrine of Christ. Doctrine says to give. Any different than singing? Praying? Take the Lord Supper? Worship? Repent? Be Baptized? Do you believe in these commandments? Sing Col. 1:2 Let the word of Christ dwell in you. Teach and admonish one another. Exhort one another. Our giving shows our attitude toward God. Luke 21:1 Shows the widow and her attitude toward God. It was her duty to give.

Giving of Time and Effort

2 Samuel 24:18-25 David's - I Chronicles 21:1 Satan influence. David to take census. Exodus 30:12,13 Background: David sinned and God sent a plague - 70,000 were killed. David was sorrowful. He should be punished instead of people. He was told to make an alter to sacrifice to God. Verse 21: God to build an alter. Yet was given the supplies. Threshing floor, oxen, etc. He refused to sacrifice to the Lord, that cost him nothing. He didn't want to be given anything. We should want our sacrifice to God cost something. Some people use the church for their resources, like orphans. We should desire to sacrifice to serve God. (James 1:17) Individuals should do it too. Not just part of a church that does it. Do you become a part of the church that does that? If they do, I would take to the elders, because it's not a part of the church. Service to God should cost something. Give of our time and effort. Be willing with a loving attitude. How do you really feel about God? Are you sacrificing for God? 1. Hear 2. Believe 3. Repent 4. Confess 5. Baptize 6. Live Faithfully daily  

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