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11 Characteristics of Leadership

11 Characteristics of Leadership - Listen HERE.

We are all leaders and develop qualities to impact your life. Apply these in your life everyday. 1. Unwavering courage. How are you brave?Are you brave? 2. Self control. Are you influencing others to control your own life. 3. Is the key sense of justice. Fair? 4. Decision. Wavering, unsure unsuccessful. Quick and rarely change are successful. Hustle. 5. Make the plan work the plan. 6. Be willing to do more than your followers. 7. Have a pleasing personality. Respect and grade high. 8. Have empathy and understanding. True heart. 9. Mastery of detail. Position time leverage time and manage it wisely. 10. Have the willingness to take full responsibility. Step up. Make it happen. 11. Cooperation. Get your followers to do the same. Training and mentorship to develop yourself. Read more about leadership by clicking HERE.

Use all of these leadership tips, strategies and tactics to take yourself and your business to new levels!

Share one that stood out to you the most!

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