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Is Your Net Working?

I just came back from an awesome event in Dallas, More Heart Than Talent.  There were so many speakers that added so much value that was shared that I can't share everything.  One of the values to attending events.

Have you been to an event to add value to yourself?

One of the things I learned was that once you start adding value to yourself, you start to STOP using dis-empowering words.  Some examples are: try, sales, distributor.

How do you look at what you do?

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What Are The Important Pieces To Ranking A Video YouTube

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What Are The Important Pieces To Ranking A Video YouTube?

Here is the question on quora: https://www.quora.com/What-are-the-important-pieces-to-ranking-a-video-YouTube?share=1

Here are the tips that are recommended for ranking a YouTube video.

Do proper keyword research
Save your video file with the exact word or phrase you are targeting
Use the keyword or phrase in the title
Use the keyword or phrase as the first sentence
Post your link directly behind the first sentence
Use your keyword or phrase throughout your description (should be 250 words or more)
Use your keyword or phrase in the final sentence of your description
Place the YouTube "view" link at the bottom of the description
This video shows how these elements should look on your video description.

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How To Be More Powerful In Business

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How To Be More Powerful In Business, The creator of this video may receive financial compensation for actions resulting from this video.

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Increase Google Page Rank – What You Need

Increase Google Page Rank

In order to boost your site’s Google page rank you'll be able to only go so far with on-page optimization. You must look off-page for other efficient methods to move your site up via the ranking. When you have your search phrases inside your page’s title, meta- tags, the first and final paragraph, within the physique of one's text and have utilized it within your ALT tags there’s not much else it is possible to do.

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The Law of Attraction Methods

The Law of Attraction Methods

On first consideration Steve Pavlina's Law of Attraction looks like some things from the hippy age.

When you first look at Steve Pavlina's ideas behind the L. O. A, if you are the right age, you may think it's something from the peace and love era of the mid 1960s. When you discover that Steve uses his very own methods through his many enterprises, and he has earned a number of degrees, you might think he came originally from a made background. He did not, and you could be surprised to learn that his quest for personal development and growth came when he was locked up in his late teens.

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Commitment – Do you show your commitment?

"People do not follow uncommitted leaders. Commitment can be displayed in a full range of matters to include the work hours you choose to maintain, how you work to improve your abilities, or what you do for your fellow workers at personal sacrifice."

— Stephen Gregg
Chairman and CEO of Ethix Corp.

"Commitment is the enemy of resistance, for it is the serious promise to press on, to get up, no matter how many times you are knocked down."

— David McNally


Tips from the book Crush It. Learn how you can show that you are committed.

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The Correct Way to Get Network Marketing Videos Traffic Through YouTube

The Correct Way to Get Network Marketing Videos Traffic Through YouTube

Video marketing is going to be around potentially permanently and, thanks to YouTube, it's a kind of marketing that is becoming more popular every single day. There are a number of online marketers that are taking advantage of network marketing videos marketing. The sort of targeted traffic you are able to generate through properly executed network marketing videos marketing campaigns can be huge. So if network marketing videos marketing has such potential, why aren't more IMers taking advantage of it? Why are so many potential IMers struggling to make it work? The answer to this question is that, in order to find the success you want through network marketing videos marketing, you need to take all of the right steps at the right times. In this article we are going to teach you some of the things you need to do to get as much as you can from YouTube and network marketing videos marketing.

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