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How has #8fm changed my life

Who has changed your life? Share in the comments below.

The 8 Figure Mastermind has changed my life in the training as it stretches you beyond.

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Tips to trick yourself to more #Abundance #8fm #perigirls

Are you using these questions to trick yourself to reach more abundance?

Do these questions help you reach abundance faster?

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4 Free Facebook strategies #8fm #perigirls #sales

Find ideas to use Facebook strategies to your advantage in growing your business online.

See more of what Alecia's strategies HERE.

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How #Leadership is about #stewardship (quick story )😁😉😊

What is your favorite leadership tip and stewardship story?

Share in the comments below.

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Exercise to grow #awareness

Watch this exercise to help you grow more awareness in yourself. Share your experience in the comments below.

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1 important way to keep your focus #judging #reverence

What is your favorite way to focus? Watch how you judge and give reverence and respect to others in your focus.

Share what stood out to you in the story I shared in this video.

See more insider tricks to stay focused with Alecia HERE.

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#questions are you a master #asker? #8fm (33 of 50)

Are you a master asker? Share in the comments below. What is your take away from this video.

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